Forging the Next Generation of Private Label Beverages

FedUp Foods is the leading fermented beverage manufacturer in North America, offering turnkey private labeling of organic functional RTD beverages for top global retailers.

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Wilmington, North Carolina

Now hiring for various positions in Wilmington, NC. Join our passionate and dynamic team crafting the highest quality fermented beverages.

Leveraging the latest biotechnology, regenerative ingredients, and sustainable practices

Our capabilities
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Private Label

Innovative private label that’s scalable, cost effective and reliable — prioritizing category management, and regenerative sourcing.

Innovative Solutions

Custom solutions, with end-to-end support, encompassing ideation, formulations, production, testing, packaging, and fermentation.


Creating a better business ecosystem with people, and planet at the forefront

About us
We believe that good work provides vital nourishment for the human spirit, and prioritize investing in initiatives that promote personal growth, and provide opportunities to enjoy the precious moments of life.
We believe that prioritizing suppliers, partners and farmers who are mindful in their grow, harvest, and business practices provides vital nourishment for our planet.
We believe that good food is a human right that provides vital nourishment for the human body. We aim to create a more equitable, accessible, and inclusive food system.

Redefining industry norms, and expectations

We're not your typical private label partner. Our team brings passion, decades of expertise, and exceptional service. Our people-first, values-driven approach leads to long-term meaningful partnerships. We source and manufacture with intention, and help you create a private label program that's successful.

Regenerative & Responsible Manufacturing

We prioritize environmental responsibility through zero-waste initiatives, solar-power offsets, and working with domestic and regenerative partners.
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Enhanced Category Management

We provide valuable insights, leverage data, and new technology to develop innovative functional drinks.

Highest Quality Standards & Compliance

We uphold the highest level of safety and quality with our operations, maintaining the prestigious SQF Level 3 certification, and adhering to the rigorous benchmark of the GFSI standard.

In-House Lab & Recipe Development

Equipped with an on-site lab, and dedicated R&D team, we offer customization, innovation, faster time to market, and robust quality control.

"FedUp Foods stood out for several reasons including the quality of their product, their openness to our ideas and feedback, and our many shared core values."

Customer of 6 years

"FedUp Foods epitomizes what we seek in a partner. Their approach to business - which actively centers their work on people and the planet — is an inspiration to the Sky High Farm Universe team."

Daphne Seybold, Co-CEO and CMO of Sky High Farm Universe


Our team approaches manufacturing with creativity, and collaboration

We know everyone says this, but we truly have the best team imaginable — from production, to product development, marketing, and sales. We combine years of experience, with genuine enjoyment for what we do, and what we're creating together.

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Everyone deserves access to healthy, nutrient-dense foods — and private label is the most effective way to get there

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What if we could shift our food system from being a major contributor to climate change to one that actually helps us become more climate resilient?

FedUp Foods Summit
FUF Summit is our invitation-only gathering of thought leaders in each stage of the supply chain to collaboratively unpack what a truly regenerative food product would look like.
Logo for One Tree Planted
We donate a percent of our sales to the amazing folks at One Tree Planted to support reforestation of the Appalachian bioregion.