Redefining Industry Norms,
and Expectations

Our people-first, values-driven approach leads to long-term meaningful partnerships, sourcing, and manufacturing with intention, and helping you create a private label program that's successful.

Regenerative & Responsible Manufacturing

We prioritize environmental responsibility through zero-waste initiatives, solar-power offsets, and working with domestic and regenerative partners.
Two people meeting about Private Label Manufacturing and Co-packing for Sustainable Brands

Enhanced Category Management

We provide valuable insights, leverage data, and new technology to develop innovative functional drinks.

Highest Quality Standards & Compliance

We uphold the highest level of safety and quality with our operations, maintaining the prestigious SQF Level 3 certification, and adhering to the rigorous benchmark of the GFSI standard.

In-House Lab & Recipe Development

Equipped with an on-site lab, and dedicated R&D team, we offer customization, innovation, faster time to market, and robust quality control.

Responsible sourcing, and manufacturing

We vet, and validate each supplier we work with, giving preference to those that meet robust third-party social, and environmental criteria, including the following: Certified B Corporation, Certified Organic, LEED Certified, Energy Star Certified, and Fair Trade Certified.

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Motivated to make good on our sustainability mission, we redirected our glass business to a domestic manufacturer — reducing the carbon footprint of our glass procurement by up to 85%.
Blue Ridge Mountains

Environmental Purchase Policy

Our sourcing is built on an ethos which prioritizes regenerative growers, and sustainable suppliers — tapping into nature’s inclination toward abundance.
Fruit on a tree

Regenerative Ingredients

Everything is interconnected, and we are very mindful of our footprint, especially when it comes to sourcing. We prioritize using our buying power as a conduit for positive change – keeping the full supply chain in mind.

Case Study: Global Organics Native Cane Sugar Project

Currently, the US is the only country with no domestic resource that provides USDA organic sugar.

For more than 20 years, Global Organics has proudly partnered with the Native Green Cane Project in Brazil – the largest sustainable agriculture project in the world. Through the Native Green Cane Project, they have a closed-loop sugarcane process that puts the focus on maintaining a healthy ecosystem, rather than maintaining a healthy crop. Their sugarcane growth, production, and shipping to the US is 100% carbon neutral.

The Native Green Cane Project's Impact

tons of CO2 eliminated from the atmosphere


endangered species have been found within our sugar cane fields


trees planted to create 11,000 acres

Case Study: Our Regenerative, Fair Trade Tea Partner

In the early 2000s, Teatulia began to transform a barren and overworked land in Northern Bangladesh into a rich, thriving ecosystem.

Wildlife and plant species slowly began to return to the area, lush greenery sprouted around them — and their community began to heal in more ways than one.

Teatulia's Impact

women's literacy graduates to date


organic farming trainees


pounds of waste kept out of landfills

Detailed data at the forefront of every decision

We support our clients at every level with routine data analysis, and trend predictions — so you can make informed, market-relevant decisions, and connect more deeply with your customers.

Our capabilities

Data Trends & Market Analysis

Our deep research, and pulse on industry trends, uniquely allows us to create new, and innovative fermented beverages lines with functional benefits. We give brands and retailers the information they need to make relevant moves in the market — to reach your customer and accelerate your market growth.

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100% compliance is our priority — our Scalable Craft Brew Method™ is how we get there

The FedUp Proprietary Scalable Craft Brew Method

Our Scalable Craft Brewing Method™ blends the art of traditional fermentation with advanced science for 100% compliance.

With the implementation of control testing, and variable control methods, we continue to improve our live cultures and overall manufacturing process. FedUp is one of the only traditional kombucha brewers that delivers a consistent alcohol-compliant product.


Gallons of Product Brewed


In-House Lab Test Results


Non-compliant actions resulting in litigation

In-house testing, and product development for accelerated innovation to suite a changing marketplace

Our in-house lab, and product development capabilities allows us to remain competitive, innovate faster, and meet consumers’ demand for new tastes and experiences, saving valuable time, and resources.

Our capabilities
  • R&D professionals on staff
  • 10+ years of experience crafting unique functional beverages
  • qPCR Testing
  • Alcohol Compliance Testing
  • pH Testing
  • Titratable Acidity Testing


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