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We offer several different formats of aluminum cans and glass bottles. Our current options are 8oz. Sleek Cans, 12oz. Standard Cans & Glass Bottles, 12oz. Sleek Cans, and 16oz. Glass Bottles. Our bottles are sourced in the USA and are manufactured just four hours from our brewery.

Yes, you can provide your existing artwork. Or if you are in need of a design we have a full service graphic design + marketing team to help bring your vision from concept to label. Our team specializes in branding and we’re always happy to help.

The sweeteners we use in our beverages are fair trade sugar, stevia, monk fruit, and honey. When we make fermented living beverages most products use sugar due to the fermentation process, which is why using fair trade sugar is so important to us. Our focus is on sustainable, regenerative, natural sweeteners.

FedUp Foods specializes in a variety of functional beverages, such as kombucha, water kefir, prebiotic sodas, healthy living energy drinks, and tepache. We are able to produce many types of nutritious fermented living beverages. We have a team dedicated to product research & development who explore upcoming beverages that will line the shelves in the future. Innovation is one of our strong suits.

We have a sourcing team who are dedicated to ethical sourcing and prioritizing socially and environmentally progressive suppliers. Carefully choosing where our inputs come from makes all the difference when it comes to producing beverages that are good for our planet. Our glass bottles and packaging materials are produced domestically. Our priority is sourcing from suppliers growing with organic, and/or regenerative growing practices. We also source our ingredients from regions on the globe where each crop grows the most naturally and prolifically. Each of our suppliers undergoes a thorough vetting process by our sourcing specialists to assure they meet our standards as a benefit corporation.

Imagine that you have an idea for a beverage but you might not have a large brewery or the capacity to produce high volumes. That’s where private label manufacturing comes in- we use our expertise, experience, and state of the art innovative equipment to produce your product with your own unique brand and label. Essentially, private label manufacturing brings your products to life and ships them out into the world for consumers to purchase and enjoy.

Private label is similar to white labeling in that the products are both made by a manufacturer. However, private label allows for design recognition, and the quality of the product is not compromised. Private label allows your brand to shine and offers full label customization. 

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