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As a thought leader and preferred supplier in the fermented functional beverage space, we have built programs with an industry-leading +40% share that consistently outperform the industry standard.

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Our Capabilities can help you stake your claim in the marketplace through research and product development, packaging proficiencies, procuring ingredients and raw materials, regulatory compliance and certifications, and shipping solutions.

Research & Product Development

With our state-of-the-art lab and best-in-industry brewing technology and testing, we can provide deep insight into the quality, consistency, and compliance of every bottle that leaves our plant.

Our proprietary, open-air wild yeast process harnesses the very best of nature while leveraging the microbiological makeup (low-alcohol yeast lineages) of our SCOBY.

•    Authentic live, active, raw, fermented with a heirloom SCOBY
•    Proprietary Scalable Craft Brewing Method™
•    Industry leading shelf life

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Sourcing & Supply Chain Solutions

Our team of experts are able to review detailed data and make intelligent recommendations to improve business operations – mitigating disruption and offsetting risk to procure the ingredients and raw materials you need, when you need them.

Let us manage your product development, monitory inventory, supervise transportation and storage, and oversee the day-to-day supply chain logistics.

Want to source a specialty ingredient, or one that is regeneratively grown? We’ll tap into our vast network of growers and suppliers to source an ingredient that meets your specifications.

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Packaging Capabilities and Proficiencies

We're ready to take on your next contract production, private label, or co-packing project. We have invested in bottling and canning packaging lines that simultaneously increase capacity and expand packaging capabilities, resulting in overall top-line growth and margin expansion.

Total Current Footprint

Between our two locations, we offer 90,000 square feet of
packaging, brewing and warehouse space.

  • Cold
  • Dry
  • Fermentation
  • Pasteurization – Coming Soon
  • Hot Fill – Coming Soon
    Botanicals and Medicinal Herbs
    Large Format Brewing
    Product Innovation
Packaging Capabilities
  • 7.5-12 oz sleek cans with a 202 lid
    12 oz standard cans with a 202 lid
  • 12, 16 or 48 oz. Glass Bottles
Current Packaging Lines
  • 2 Bottling Lines – 157 BPH
  • 1 Canning line – 50 CPM

100% Compliance is our priority. Our Scaleable Craft Brewing Method™ delivers unrivaled product consistency by blending the art of traditional fermentation with advanced science and technology.

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We’re agents of change working to radically shift an outdated food system through private label placements of living functional fermented foods and beverages.

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FedUp Foods is the leading private label functional fermented food manufacturer in North America. We are the parent company of Buchi, our consumer division.

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